Unique World Cruises

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Unique World Cruises

One of the most popular vacations, unique world cruises offer a variety of destination choices at affordable prices. Some countries you might visit include Norway, Iceland and Japan, as well as Australia and Scandinavia. Cruising across the Black Sea while enjoying the desert view may also interest you when selecting your inexpensive at-sea adventure.

The Thrifty Traveler

It makes no difference if you pinch your pennies or have money like Bill Gates, everyone loves a bargain and you can find one for almost any of the unique world cruises. Some travel agents offer a discount if you pay for the trip in full while others guarantee the rate for the cruise and air fare.

Another way to score a discount is through frequent-travelers clubs through a travel agent, airline or cruise line. You might also enjoy traveling free if you can get nine other people to go with you on the cruise. If you sign up for emails or mailing lists or spend a little time doing some research, you can find information on preseason sales as well as special promotions and upgrades at no extra cost.

Keep in mind that travel agents have their own deals and discounts, which constantly change. Always double-check and read the fine print before you finalize and pay for your vacation.


You can find cheap European cruises easily by doing research on the Internet or visiting a travel agent. For instance, you can find affordable and fun options if interested in Norway cruises. Most Norwegian cruises start at the northernmost tip, at the border of Russia, providing you a majestic view of both countries. This southbound route passes through the Lofoten Islands during the day, which many say is the best part of the trip. After this, Hammerfest is next, followed by a midnight concert in Tromso's Arctic Cathedral, making this one of the truly unique world cruises.

Among other popular European holidays are Scandinavian cruises. These exotic trips allow you the opportunity to experience beautiful views and tons of onboard fun. Some activities in which you might participate include:

  • Rock Climbing
  • Boxing Ring
  • Whirlpools
  • Water Park
  • Waterfall
  • Surf Park
  • Geysers

These activities, combined with modern conveniences such as Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions and cell phone reception, make this trip even more enjoyable.

The Black Sea

Black Sea cruises allow you to see one of the most historic and unusual locations in the world. This ancient waterway is home to centuries of trade and warfare yet boasts views of architectural wonders and palaces. Some places a Black Sea cruise may take you include Yalta, Istanbul, Constanta and Odessa. After enjoying these wonders from the sea, you may have the fortunate experience of coming to port in Sochi, a Russian town known for mineral spas and healing waters. This is definitely one of the more relaxing and amazing discount European cruises.

Oceania Cruise Line

One of the more affordable companies offering unique world cruises, Oceania, can take you anywhere you want to visit. They offer Singapore cruises, cruises in Australia and Transoceanic voyages, but no Japan cruises despite travels to Asia, the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand. This cruise line gives you many options, so you can pick the destination, time, price and even the ship that is right for you. One of their popular but limited seasonal promotions is free airfare and two for the price of one plus a savings bonus if you book specific rooms.

As you can see, you have many options when it comes to choosing cheap unique world cruises. If you dream of traveling but think you cannot afford it, do some research, because not only can you save money, you might even go for free!